(M213) Catfish Face Mask Small

The small catfish face spout has the same artistic features as the larger Catfish spout and is also one of the first water feature pieces we made. The catfish water spout is a work of art requiring carving skills seldom found today. Its bold lines and contoured shape acts as a focal point in any waterscape environment. Made from 100% Bronze, the Catfish emitter makes an ideal water feature for any Architectural and/or Outdoor Living, pool, spa and fountain design.

$395.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(M220) Acanthus Leaf Emitter

With its handcrafted, intricate raised leaf detail, the Acanthus emitter exudes understated grandeur in any water setting. This custom designed bronze emitter is used for soft water flow applications and sized appropriately for pools, mid-size to large spas and fountains. The Acanthus plant is common in the Mediterranean and symbolizes enduring life. It is characteristic of Corinthian columns. The historic and stylized motif blends beautifully with just about any design scheme imaginable.

$425.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(M206) Lion Head Mask

Lion Head adds a refined and majestic ambiance. We cast each lion’s head in 100% solid bronze using the age-old lost wax technique. The large or small lion head is offered in a variety of finishes and looks magnificent in oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. Like all bronze water feature pieces, it will only become more beautiful over time. For mid-sized water projects, the Lion’s Head mask is also available in a smaller size. Price includes our Dura Coating.

$894.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

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