Fountain Spouts and Scuppers

(S96) Acanthus Scupper

Greco-Roman architecture is the inspiration behind our Acanthus scupper. Cast in 100% bronze, the Acanthus scupper has an unexpected, flared design to put an exclamation point on any Architectural and/or Outdoor Living design, pool and spa’s and fountain designs. The Acanthus’s back plate is ribbed with a leaf theme extending from the scupper, which makes it architecturally versatile, yet bold as an accent piece. Price includes our Dura Coating.

$475 + UPS Ground Shipping


Size 7-3/4 in. dia. backplate, 7 in. projection
Connection1-1/2 in. Female NPT W/ ABS Socket
Flow3-5 GPM
Weight4.25 lbs

(S51) Sonoma Scupper

Our Sonoma scupper’s design is inspired by Greco-Roman architecture, while the back plate’s grape and vine detail pays homage to the serene wine country. This detail combined with its classical clean flowing lines makes the Sonoma scupper an eye-catching water feature for any pool, spa or fountain. Available in a variety of finishes, the Sonoma scupper is particularly striking in antique brass.

$540 + UPS Ground Shipping


Size: 5-1/2 in. diameter back plate, spout projects 5-1/4 in.
Material: Bronze
Connection: 1-1/2 in.Female NPT W/ ABS Socket
Flow: 3-5 GPM
Weight:3 lbs

(S84) Bordeaux Emitter

Our Bordeaux emitter is a mid-sized 100% bronze emitter flush with a lush and traditional floral motif. The Bordeaux in the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish has the appearance of cast iron worn over centuries, but is actually made from non-rusting bronze. Comfortable as a solitary water feature in any Architectural and/or Outdoor Living, pool and spa and fountain designs, or repeated in a linear pattern, the Bordeaux emitter is versatile and warm. The back plate’s thickness adds rich dimension to the emitter’s overall nuance. Available in either 3/4″ or 1/2″ NPT connection and in a variety of finishes. Price includes our Dura Coating.

$255.00 + UPS Ground Shipping


Size 4 3/4 in. dia. backplate, 1-1/2 in. projection
Connection3/4 in. or 1/2 in Male NPT
Flow2-3 GPM
Weight2.5 lbs

(M220) Acanthus Leaf Emitter

With its handcrafted, intricate raised leaf detail, the Acanthus emitter exudes understated grandeur in any water setting. This custom designed bronze emitter is used for soft water flow applications and sized appropriately for pools, mid-size to large spas and fountains. The Acanthus plant is common in the Mediterranean and symbolizes enduring life. It is characteristic of Corinthian columns. The historic and stylized motif blends beautifully with just about any design scheme imaginable.

$357.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(M5822) Acanto Emitter

Daring and bold, our Acanto series holds its own in larger scale wall fountain, pool and spa settings where smaller emitters would get lost in the mix. This sculptural emitter does more than simply spill water. The Acanto Emitter makes a visual impact for the right amount of WOW. Our Acanto series adds serious panache to water feature walls clad with thicker ledger or stacked stonework. The Acanthus emitter can be ordered in any of our fine metal finishes and makes a big impact in oil rubbed bronze, antique brass and antique pewter.

$435.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S28) Anzio Spout

South of Rome is the quaint town of Anzio, a fishing port. Our Anzio spout reflects Anzio’s spirit in its simplicity and the simple ways of life. The Anzio is made from 100% solid brass, but can be customized in any of our metal finishes. This spout looks best in smaller and mid-sized fountains and water features. And its simple and unobtrusive design means it can be installed in multiples. Designers and architects are drawn to the Anzio for contemporary settings as well.

$160.00 + USP Ground Shipping

S53A) Apollo Oak Leaf

You only have to look at the symbolism behind the name to get a sense of our Oak Leaf scupper with Apollo back plate. Representing bravery and the Greek deity, this scupper offers a bold classical design that complements the most refined fountain motif, yet holds its own on large stone walls or when used multiple times on a fountain or pool wall. The Oak Leaf scupper with Apollo back plate could also serve as an opulent centerpiece for smaller wall fountains.

$1,367.00 + UPS Ground shipping

(M5620) Artemis Lion in Bronze

Artemis, the ancient Roman goddess of hunting is the theme of our Artemis medallion with lion spout. It features our bronze lion’s head on a complementary medallion background. Not only is the Artemis medallion with lion spout perfectly sized for many wall fountains or pool features, it also makes a prominent statement as an accent piece. The entire spout is crafted in 100% bronze and offered in a variety of finishes.

$950.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S35) Centurian Spout

In the classic Greco-Roman style, this spout mixes the simple functionality with a most elegant design. The combination of a streamlined spout and our wildly popular Acanthus back plate results in an eye-catching focal point when installed on a pool, fountain or spa wall. The elegant and artful back plate design highlights the character of the spout, without overpowering it. This spout is available in all metal finishes, but looks especially stunning in antique brass, pewter and natural (polished) brass.

$395.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S14) Chianti Spout

Named for the city and region famous for its wine, the Chianti spout is imported from Italy and cast from solid brass. It features a simple leaf-inspired back plate, which complements clean designs and simple accents.

$145.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S7624) Large Courtyard Spout w/Florentine Backplate

Achieving old world charm is easy with the Courtyard spout’s simple, elegant design. Inspiring fountains around Europe, its original functional design is still part of the Courtyard spout today. Centuries ago, these spouts were forged from iron and served as a neighborhood’s water source. Water buckets were hung on the spout’s top tab and the underneath scroll supported their weight to prevent buckling. The Courtyard spout is made of copper so it does not leach rust like iron spouts. Its utilitarian design complements practically every faceplate or escutcheon.

Also available in a smaller version, S7534, $360.00.
Pictured is Copper/Antique Brass finish.
$395.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S7500) Courtyard Spout – Small

The small Courtyard spout is an elegant copper version of handmade spouts found in old world Europe and used throughout the ages. It is suitable for use as a solitary emitter in a mid-sized fountain or pool. Copper construction means it’s safe for use with pool water and on porous surfaces that iron spouts would stain with rust. A simple, functional design complements nearly each style of faceplate or escutcheon. Also available in a larger version.

$315.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S57) DaVinci Scupper

The DaVinci scupper is a little touch of luxury for water features requiring a compact projection area. One of the most universal elements of a fountain design is a spout spilling water into a bowl and the DaVinci scupper is the perfect solution for smaller wall-mounted bowls. It is a nice complement the triple scupper bronze half bowl, 17-inch Regency bowl with scupper or the 24-inch Regency bowl. The DaVinci scupper’s back plate design is simple and clean to match any aesthetic.

$387.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(M901) Fleur de Lis Emitter

The Fleur de Lis cast bronze emitter takes its cue from nature, literally translated to lily flower from French. The Fleur de Lis reigns as a royal emblem in Europe appearing on a multitude of coats of arms and flags. Architecturally, the lily flower design is abundant in friezes, cornices and atop fence pickets as a defensive decoration. With roots dating back to the old world, the Fleur de Lis cast bronze emitter is just as relevant in today’s contemporary fountain, spa and pool design schemes.

$375.00 + USP Ground Shipping

(S24) Florentine Spout

Florence, Italy’s center of Renaissance architecture, is synonomous with art and beauty. The Florentine spout brings simple nostalgia to fountains where basins require a filling faucet. Also an excellent water feature for pools and spas. Imported from Italy and solid cast in bronze, this spout is classic in design, functional in size and detail, and lends itself well to repetition. It can be finished in any of our metal finishes. This spout is great for fountains that need a spout spilling into a pot.

$375.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S16) Large Genoa Dolphin

Our large Genoa spout gets its name from the city of Genoa, a beautiful Italian seaport and home to a fascinating aquarium. The Genoa spout pulls inspiration from the sea and features an ornate dolphin face. This spout is ideal for water flowing into a basin or a recirculating pot fountain. Exquisite crafted from brass, but just as stunning in antique brass and antique pewter. The Genoa spout is also available in a smaller version.

$245.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S17) Large Verona Spout

The Verona spout is imported from Italy, the home of classical design. Solid cast bronze, the Verona’s spout is timeless with its dolphin design and Acanthus leaf back plate. The substantial size is appropriate for large fountain walls or pools.

$325.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

(S17) Large Verona Spout in Oil Bronze

The Verona spout is imported from Italy, the home of classical design. Solid cast bronze, the Verona’s spout is timeless with its dolphin design and Acanthus leaf back plate. The substantial size is appropriate for large fountain walls or pools.

$325.00 + UPS Ground Shipping

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